The Difference Between Lawn Care and Landscaping

Lawn care companies and landscaping companies are like two different kinds of artists preparing the same canvas. Though they both work heavily with greens, their style of work and methods are not the same. But, together, they can create and maintain your lawn as a thing of beauty.

Knowing whether you need a lawn care company or landscaper depends entirely upon your goals, for the two provide very different and important services. What is the difference between lawn care and landscaping, though? How will you know which one to call?

A good rule of thumb – even a green thumb – is that landscapers are designers for your yard and lawn care specialists provide lawn maintenance through regular services.


Lawn Care Services

The variety of services provided by lawn care companies will help you ensure that your lawn stays healthy, beautiful and green for as long as possible. Our experts will be able to assess your lawn maintenance needs and help you develop a year-round plan for your home.

Lawn care companies offer services like these:

  • Seeding – Our experts will assure that grass seed is spread evenly on your ground. This will stop you from having a patchy lawn. This process improves with attention to the seeds you select, when the seeding is timed, how the lawn is watered and how the soil is prepared.
  • Lawn aeration – The aeration process involves loosening compacted soil and removing thatch, which is dead grass that can accumulate under living green grass. Fertile soil needs to be able to breathe, so to speak, so a lawn aerator pokes small holes into compacted ground to make sure that your grass gets the oxygen it needs.
  • Lawn insect control – Not all insects are bad, yet expert exterminators and lawn care professionals can help protect your lawn from mosquitoes, fire ants, grubs, chinch bugs and other pesky pests.
  • Disease prevention – Fungicides can help keep your lawn healthy amid threats of fungus and disease.
  • Weed control – Pre-emergent weed control is a preventative method. It stops the problem before the problem arrives with herbicides. Targeted weed control involves an expert combatting the weeds that manage to break through during growing seasons.
  • Tree and shrub care – A regular lawn maintenance schedule of pruning, trimming, fertilizing and watering can keep your plants alive and thriving.
  • Lime application – The use of lime in your soil increases its pH level, stopping it from becoming too acidic for grass to grow. Regular testing can assure your lawn stays in its best condition.
  • Fertilization – Treating your lawn with fertilizer at the right time of year is something our experts can help you with. We can assure it will grow lush, dense grass.

If these are the lawn care services you need, call our professionals today to get started.


Landscaping Specialties

Landscaping services do not address underlying or long-term issues regarding your lawn’s health. Instead, landscape planners, architects and designers create a plan for the look of your lawn and then execute its arrangement. These companies design functional looks to help fit your individual needs and personality. Landscapers rearrange bushes like furniture. Think of them like interior designers, but for your exteriors.

Many landscaping companies provide individual services, not an all-encompassing service. That way, if there are aspects of your lawn that you would like to plan by yourself, you can.

Landscapers provide the following skills:

  • Design – This is the primary reason to contact a landscaper. Designing your lawn or garden helps you to personalize your space, creating a lawn with better curb appeal. The landscaper can help you find the right plants for your area, then show you how to arrange them on the lawn so that they work well together.
  • Planting – A landscaper will place plants in ideal spots so that they’ll thrive, without the help of a gardener, and look great together. This sort of plan helps with long-term lawn maintenance, as well.
  • Mulching – Using mulch helps keep your soil at the right temperature and moisture. It also helps with your flower beds, keeps your plants fed, and it helps prevent weeds.
  • Trimming – Clearing trees, shrubs, bushes and debris can give your lawn a different look year in and year out. It will tell your neighbors that you care about the look of your home.

Knowing all the benefits that a landscaper or lawn service can bring, check out to find services that suit your lawn care needs.


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