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LawnCare.net is a platform that has been designed to bring together homeowners and lawn care and landscaping providers. The site helps individuals and families find quality lawn care at a price they can afford. For nearly 20 years, we’ve connected hundreds of thousands of customers with the lawn care providers they’ve come to trust and depend on.

The site has a comprehensive list that compares national, regional and local providers that can help homeowners make an informed choice.

Every one of the providers wiring with LawnCare.net has been prescreened, licensed, dependable, insured and are local. LawnCare.net works with national providers that operate in all 50 states of the country.

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Michael Chambers

I've been a TruGreen customer for several years and have always received efficient and professional service. My yard looks great and I'm very happy with their service.


Megan Flink

Great service initially, however after a few treatments I ran into some customer service issues. There were multiple times when someone failed to show up. After calling my local office and speaking to a manager things have been running smoothly since. Overall happy with my service, but have had some problems in the past.


Bill Haley

I am pleased with the service. My lawn went from about 85% weeds to about 15%. Unfortunately due to the drought this year and the water restrictions I am not able to water the lawn enough to keep it green so the lawn is turning a little brown. However, I'm very pleased with the amount of weeds that have disappeared.


Jared Dillon

I always get a courtesy call when service is due and they always come on the scheduled day. All of the people that come are very nice and professional. Very happy with my local service and would highly recommend.


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