Lawn Diseases and Treatments

If you’ve seen rusty or moldy colors appearing on your lawn, or if your lawn has dead spots, chances are your lawn has a fungal, rust or mold infection. Never fear! There are solutions that can help your lawn go from sickly to thriving before you know it!


Common Lawn Diseases

The most common issues that affect lawns are fungal infections. There are several types of fungal issues that can affect lawns as well as other factors which can contribute to necrotic dead patches and discoloration. Some of the most common issues to be aware of include:

  • Fairy rings (fungus)
  • Slime mold (fungus)
  • Rust (fungus)
  • Patch disease (unbalanced pH and/or poor soil preparation)

The causes of these lawn diseases include:

  • Too much soil moisture
  • Insufficient soil moisture
  • Overly Acidic pH
  • Overly Alkaline pH
  • Too much shade

As with all types of disease, prevention is the best medicine. Testing the soil pH as well as ensuring that moisture is properly controlled are a couple of best practices to follow.

How to Treat Lawn Diseases

Most lawncare professionals suggest applying an antifungal spray to treat fungal issues. These sprays can also treat fungus that is related to patch disease, but they don’t solve the underlying issues like pH or improper soil preparation.

The best way to cure a lawn disease is to consult with a lawncare professional.

They can diagnose both the type of lawn disease your grass and plants are being affected by as well as provide the proper course of treatment for getting your lawn looking healthy and vibrant again.

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