Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Emergent

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What Is Pre-Emergent?

Pre-emergent is a type of herbicide that prevents the germination of seeds. It is often used to prevent crabgrass and other weeds. Pre-emergent works by controlling the seeds of undesired weeds from growing. It creates a chemical barrier in the top layer of soil which coats any seeds and blocks them from growing roots and shoots.  

What Kind of Pre-Emergent Should I Buy?

The first step in figuring out if a pre-emergent herbicide is right for you is to figure out what kinds of weeds tend to grow in your lawn. Typically the same kind of weeds will return year after year so if you have noticed what weeds have a tendency to populate your yard in years past, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what type of pre-emergent herbicide you will need this year. 

How Well Does Pre-Emergent Herbicide Work?

No pre-emergent herbicide is able to target every weed variety. Some pre-emergent herbicides are effective at eradicating a wide array of common weeds while others are specifically designed to get rid of only certain weeds like crabgrass. In order to make sure that all your weeds are properly controlled, you may need to use several types of herbicide.

The success of pre-emergent largely depends on the efficacy and timing of deployment. If you happen to miss the right window in spring or fall to use pre-emergent, the herbicide can keep your sod from rooting correctly. Make sure that you never miss the right window to time your pre-emergent herbicide properly. Set up a plan with a knowledgeable lawn care professional today who will always time it right.

How Do I Use Pre-Emergent Herbicide?

Pre-emergent comes in two different application modes: liquid and granular. If you choose to go with a granular variety, you apply by hand or with a shaker bag or spreader. If you’ve purchased liquid pre-emergent in the concentrated form, it should first be diluted with water before application. You can then use a sprayer (which you can buy or rent) to apply on your lawn. There are also pre-mixed varieties of liquid pre-emergent you can buy that come in their own ready-to-spray bottle with a controllable stream. Which one you decide on will depend on your level of comfortability and your lawn’s individual needs. 

When Should I Call Lawn Care for Help?

If you’ve read through this and you aren’t sure where to start or you can’t tell which weeds tend to grow in your lawn, don’t be overwhelmed, find us at LawnCare.net to learn more about our services. We understand that the availability of many herbicide and herbicide applications from which to choose can make lawn care a daunting task. Take the guesswork and stress out of lawn care and contact a professional today. Any one of our trusted lawn care companies would be happy to answer any questions you might have about pre-emergent herbicide and your lawn.

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