Lawn Maintenance

Why Regular Lawn Maintenance is Necessary

Your lawn is more than just grass. It is even more than just a part of the beautiful façade of your house. A healthy lawn provides many benefits to both you and the environment. A lawn in top condition helps trap pollutants and dust from the air, helps to lower ambient temperatures in urban areas and reduces soil erosion keeping our waterways cleaner. Aesthetically, well-maintained lawns enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities by contributing to social harmony, community pride and increasing property values. Properly maintained lawns provide protection in several ways. They improve groundwater systems and provide flood control. They contribute to home security by providing high visibility zones that can deter potential intruders. They even act as open green spaces that serve as a firebreak which can reduce fire hazards like the spread of one house fire to another and can help to save a home during a wildfire.


Benefits of Lawn Maintenance

Regular lawn maintenance can also prevent any issues that might damage your lawn. Being careless with your lawn maintenance might not seem that harmful, but it can lead to some serious inconveniences. Proper care of your lawn is a part of your home’s overall value. Poor lawn upkeep can detract buyers when selling a house, can lower the value of your home and can lower the value of your neighbors’ homes as well. When a lawn is regularly maintained, any small issues can be kept from growing into larger, costlier headaches.

All yards are susceptible to weeds and ignoring any small weed flare-ups can make it much more difficult to eradicate the weeds altogether. If weeds are allowed to grow to maturity, they can put out thousands more seeds to anchor in the ground as well as spread to other yards in your neighborhood. Eventually, weeds can overtake the turf, making it more difficult and costlier to return your lawn to its former beauty. This same holds true for insects and pests. Keeping up with consistent lawn maintenance helps to keep insects from making a home in your lawn and creating a potential issue not just for your lawn but in your home as well.

Developing a Proper Lawn Maintenance Plan

It is important to make sure that your lawn is properly maintained in order to reap the amazing benefits of a well-maintained lawn and to ward off any major issues to your lawn and home.

Mowing is one of the most important and frequently repeated aspects of lawn care. While it is always a stress on grass plants, you can adopt certain practices that will reduce any stress mowing may bring. Mowing when it is hottest out can cause grass plants to go into shock, so make sure to mow in the morning or evening to alleviate this risk. By mowing when the grass is dry, you can prevent disease from spreading from plant to plant with the added benefit that your mower will work better. Make sure to keep the grass at the proper height: cutting your lawn too short can cause your lawn to lose moisture at a faster rate and can also create an environment for both weeds and other infestations.

It is equally important to fertilize your lawn regularly to maintain the health of your yard and to provide sufficient mineral nutrient elements. Not all plants have the same nutrient requirements and applying chemical fertilizers arbitrarily can sometimes do more harm than good. Regular aeration of the turf necessary in order to make sure that it is not compacted, and that oxygen, water and nutrients are properly getting to the root system.

Knowing the importance of good lawn maintenance, consulting a lawn care specialist or contracting their services can make lawn care a much easier process. We work with providers near you who understand the intricacies of lawn maintenance and work hard to protect your home’s biggest asset giving you not just a beautiful lawn, but also peace of mind.

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