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Protect your patio from bloodsucking mosquitoes

Mosquitos are the most unwelcome guest at any outdoor gathering. The little flying insects want blood, and their itchy bites can be a nuisance or even dangerous, carrying a risk of allergic reaction or deadly diseases like malaria or West Nile virus. Before you subject your loved ones to sore spots on their skin, have your lawn professionally sprayed and treated to manage mosquito infestation.


Do-it-yourself solutions for mosquitoes in your lawn and trees just don’t cut it. Citronella candles on your patio furniture are smelly and ineffective, ruining a good barbecue. Covering your family in mosquito repellant is sticky and unpleasant, and you always seem to miss a spot. You can’t drag a fan outdoors to blow all the flying mosquitoes away. And household bug spray doesn’t fix your mosquito problem for long.

Mosquito misting of your lawn is the ideal solution to a mosquito problem. Professional treatment will rid your lawn of the flying insects by killing the pests at all stages of their development, attacking the mosquitos that surround you and the eggs that haven’t hatched yet. Your best options may be an automated mosquito misting system, which routinely covers your lawn with insecticide regularly to kill the bugs, or regular professional mosquito defense treatment, available from the experts at

As the temperatures rise, reclaim your lawn from mosquitoes so that you can enjoy the outdoors again! Protect your friends and family, and host those patio barbecues without worry of mosquitoes! Contact the experts at today!


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