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Our goal is to provide top-notch advice that addresses common issues you face when caring for your lawn. We know lawn care is an uphill battle, requiring vigilance and persistence, not to mention a little help from the pros. The resources on our website include helpful articles and tips provided by experts in this field.

This site provides the latest innovations in everything from lawn aeration to selecting the right types of plants for region-specific landscaping. If you're not interested in gardening as a hobby, use the website for no-nonsense tips on lawn maintenance. Our blogger, Katie Elzer-Peters, an expert horticulturist, covers an array of topics including: fertilization techniques, proper equipment, impact of weather, and dealing with pesky weeds.

Simply mowing the yard every once in a while is not enough to keep it at its healthiest and best-looking state. We seek out yard care experts who can provide visitors excellent tips on maintaining their landscaping. Learn how to choose quality lawn companies that will provide professional lawn services to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

Homeowners building a lawn and trying to find a grass type that thrives in their part of the country will find helpful articles on seed versus sod, as well as Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Fescue grasses. They'll also get the latest tips on caring for their lawns throughout the year, because healthy lawns need just as much attention in December as they do in April.

Whether you're picking up gardening and landscaping as a new hobby or are simply looking for answers to some simple everyday questions, this is the right place to look. By browsing through the site, you will find a large archive of articles that deal with:

  • Keeping your yard green
  • Fertilization techniques
  • The best lawn equipment to use: lawn mowers, hedgers, etc
  • Taking care of your lawn in various weather conditions
  • Eliminating weeds from your yard
  • Eliminating pests from your yard
  • Steps for planting a new lawn
  • And much more

Whether dealing with aeration, weed control, landscaping, gardening, fertilization or simply just watering, we have you covered. Our site provides countless articles illustrating the best ways to care for your lawn, and our topics are nicely organized so that you can find what you're looking for with ease. The perfect lawn is just a click way. Select a category below to get started.

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