Best Lawn Maintenance Tips

No matter where you stand, it’s always said that the grass is always greener somewhere else. But, with the right amount of care and attention, your grass can be pleasing and green, above all comparisons. Implementing a variety of lawn maintenance efforts and getting assistance from professionals will make your grass a consistent point of pride.

Seeking help with lawn care services will set you on the right path and lead you to greener pastures. All you have to do is follow these time-honored methods to keep a healthy lawn. Using these tips will also help you catch issues sooner, allowing you to fix situations quickly before they become a problem.

When it comes to maintaining your yard, it’s best to be prepared.


Following Your Service Calendar

To provide your lawn with its best chance, it is recommended that you follow a seasonal schedule of lawn care services. Warmer seasons require more of a hands-on approach, and the cooler months are focused on maintenance and preparation.

In the spring, when things are more apt to grow and bloom, that is when you should elect to perform the following services:

  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Lawn aeration
  • Fertilization of trees, shrubs and your lawn
  • Lime application
  • Insect control
  • Sprinkler maintenance and repair
  • Overseeding

Come summer, some of those steps repeat. You will want to keep up with:

  • Targeted weed control
  • Fertilization of trees, shrubs and your lawn
  • Insect control

In the fall, you’ll want to add lawn aeration to the practices you did in the summer. In the winter, you will want to do winterization fertilization to prepare your lawn for the coming of spring. Also, you’ll want to apply lime and maintain insect control.


Lawn Service Specifics

  • Lawn aeration – This process involves loosening compacted soil and removing thatch, which is dead grass that can accumulate under living green grass. Fertile soil needs to be able to breathe, so to speak, so a lawn aerator pokes small holes into compacted ground to make sure that your grass gets circulated oxygen. It helps to understand what kind of soil you have.
  • Lawn insect control – Finding and fighting against destructive bugs is a perpetual battle. Not all insects are bad, yet expert exterminators and lawn care professionals can help protect your lawn from mosquitoes, fire ants, grubs, chinch bugs and other pesky pests.
  • Trees and shrub care – A regular schedule of pruning, trimming, fertilizing and watering can keep your plants alive and thriving. Expert care can help you seasonally to assure their best care.
  • Weed control – Using experts to treat your lawn for weeds throughout the year happens in two ways: pre-emergent and targeted weed control. Pre-emergent weed control is a preventative method. It stops the problem before the problem arrives with herbicides. Targeted weed control involves an expert combatting the weeds that manage to break through during growing seasons.
  • Lime application – The use of lime in your soil increases its pH level, stopping it from becoming too acidic for grass to grow. Our professionals can test your lawn to assure it reaches healthy levels.
  • Fertilization – Treating your lawn with fertilizer at the right time of year is something our experts can help you with. We can assure it will grow lush, dense grass by feeding your lawn right.
  • Seeding – Our experts will assure that grass seed is spread evenly on your ground, which will prevent you from having a thin or patchy lawn. This process improves with attention to the seeds you select, when the seeding is timed, how the lawn is watered and how the soil is prepared.


Other Best Practices

Knowing your region’s best grasses will give your lawn its best chance to thrive in beauty. Seeding right is key. Even paying attention to the length your lawn is mowed can help you with its look and care.

For expert guidance to assure your lawn care is going well, contact us here at LawnCare.Net. We can connect you with lawn care experts in your area that provide multiple services and care plans to fit the needs of your outdoor space.


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