The Best Flowers to Plant in Spring

Spring is a season of renewal and rebirth. The warmth returns. The ground begins to thaw. And your lawn can fill with exciting bursts of color and life, depending on the flowers you choose to plant to liven things up. When your world contains beauty, your outlook and attitude can improve. And selecting a unique flower is a way of expressing your personality.

So bring beautiful things to life this season by surrounding yourself with a different variety of buds, including some of the most popular selections from your gardening and flower shops. Your lawn care experts can help you determine the best course for your yard. Use to set up a consultation.

Black-Eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susans are a cheery, bright choice for planting in the springtime. Be careful so that they don’t take over, squashing other flowers in the area. Sow these flowers in late spring once the soil is 70 degrees. They’ll start blooming in June.


Gladiolus corms, similar to bulbs, can be planted in the spring and are the best because they’re different. They will bloom in around two months, and they return year after year. Gladiolus add variety to gardens, for they grow in tall spikes.


These shrubs are popular and low maintenance. They have large, round bloom clusters, commonly coming in blue, purple and white colors. The hydrangeas can be transplanted into the garden in spring, best placed in an area that receives partial sunlight. When cared for properly, the shrub will return every year.


Marigolds are an annual flower with bright yellow and orange blooms, growing from seed. The seeds germinate fast, then bloom within a few months. They flower all season.

Morning Glories

Morning glories are a drought-tolerant plant that can thrive with an arch or trellis to climb. The blooms are fragrant, and they are pink, white, and magenta. Planting the seeds in late spring, once the ground has warmed, though the seeds are toxic. These plants need space, though, as they can grow 12 feet in one season.


The blooms of pansies are readily available in spring at local garden centers. They are annual flowers, meaning that they need to be replanted annually. They grow best in full sunlight, though they can weather cold temperatures.


Most people treat petunias as annuals, though they can come back in warmer weather. They have a long blooming season. Petunias come in colors like pink, red, purple, white, blue and red. They grow easiest as transplants, often used in garden borders and hanging baskets.


When planted in spring, these flowers bloom in mid- to late-summer. These flowers grow large, and they require several hours of sunlight per day. If you’re inspired by Van Gogh, this is the best way to let your imagination run wild.

Sweet Pea

These flowers require more effort and sweat than other spring flowers, but they have a lovely appearance and smell nice. They’re climbing annuals. To get them to grow, plant the seeds when the soil is dry enough to work with. Sweet peas take longer to germinate, yet they need a tall support to climb once they start growing.


These colorful, bold blooms attract butterflies, and they make good floral arrangements for a table. Zinnias feature rows of petals. They grow best from seed, sprouting in less than a week.

Have more questions about which flowers are best to grow in spring or lawn care plans? Reach out to the experienced, knowledgeable professionals you can find on to get the services you need to get your outdoor space looking its best.

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