The Value of Going Organic with your Lawn

With the present awareness to create a more eco-friendly environment, more people are switching to organic lawn maintenance. This has become a popular trend because it makes use of 100% natural products, which are safer than chemical fertilizers. These are beneficial not only to your lawn but to your children and pets, as well.

How Organic Lawn Care Works

The soil is home to millions of microbes, which when fed with organic fertilizers will produce nutrients for the grass. So, by increasing organic matter, the amount of nutrients also increases, making the grass healthier and stronger. Organic lawn maintenance is therefore, contributory to healthy microbe population.

As the soil's health improves, the quantity of inputs that you need for healthy microbe population maintenance deceases. Therefore, there is less need for inputs and fertilizers. This means that you can have a beautiful and healthy lawn by spending less time, effort, and money in maintaining it.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

•    Improves the growth of roots.

Organic lawn care products slowly release nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous into the soil. These are then absorbed by the grass roots in small quantities. As a result, roots grow better and stronger. At the same time, they look more fibrous.

•    Enhances the health of the soil

Organic treatments have the ability to retain moisture for a longer period. In doing so, it improves its texture, allowing it to loosen and to become more porous.

•    Fully biodegradable

Since organic fertilizer is composed of entirely natural products, it is fully biodegradable, which means that it leaves no toxic residue behind.

•    Safe for the soil and its organisms

Organic products are not harmful to the microbes and organisms present in the soil. These include the earthworm, fungi, and good bacteria, which the grass and plants benefit from.

•    Safe for everyone

Organic lawn treatment has no chemicals that can cause any harmful reactions. So, it is safe for the person who applies it and for people and pets that use the lawn.

•    Reduced soil and water pollution

Organic fertilizers will not harm wildlife, fish, and other animals because they do not contain concentrated nitrogen excretions that are bio-hazardous to them.

•    Remains for a long time in the soil to enrich it even more

Unlike chemical fertilizers that easily gets washed away by rains or too much watering, the soil can benefit form organic lawn treatment for a longer time.

•    Enhances the quality of grass

Using organic law treatment makes grass look greener, thicker, and lusher. Best of all, it makes grass stronger to naturally protect against diseases and pests, crowd out weeds, and resist drought.

•    No overfeeding

When using organic fertilizers, there is no danger for the grass to be overfed with nutrients.

•    Helps in the process of photosynthesis

Organic manure emits carbon-dioxide, which is needed by plants in photosynthesis.


Organic lawn maintenance is the best choice in keeping your grass healthier and safe for people, pets, and the environment. It makes use of 100% natural products in feeding the soil with the necessary nutrients to allow them to fight pests and diseases.

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