Should I Hire A Local Or National Company To Mow My Lawn?

Need to get your lawn into shape? Read on to learn the answers to all of your important questions about lawn care. Need help? Call our professionals today to get started.


What Does A Lawn Service Do?

It may seem like it’s silly to hire someone just to mow your lawn. After all, it’s not that big of a job and if you can’t get to it when it needs to be done, it’s not that big a deal, right? It doesn’t take much, however, to alter the health of your lawn. Weeds need to be eliminated, pests need to be controlled, fertilizer needs to be put down. The truth is, it takes much more than just mowing to maintain a lawn keep it lush and green. And the small details that go into properly eliminating weeds and pests, putting down fertilizer and even aerating your lawn can be expensive, time consuming and overwhelming. Reaching out to a lawn care service can save you time, money and frustration and you can just relax and enjoy your lawn instead of seeing all the tasks you have yet to accomplish. 

Before hiring any lawn service company for your lawn care needs, it is important to know what services you think you will need and then research the range of services any company offers. Each lawn care service will provide similar care, but they will vary differently in the products, tools, techniques and services they offer. Does it matter if you go with a local or a national service?

Why Go With A Local Service?

Choosing to patronize a local, independent business is always a boon to your community and helps support your local economy. Lawn care services are a part of your larger business community and supporting local independent business is always a good idea for these reasons. Local lawn care companies may have better knowledge of the local soil conditions and composition and may also know more about weather in your area. 

What Are The Upsides To Hiring A National Service?

On the other hand, hiring a larger lawn care service with a national reputation comes with its own advantages. Hiring a national service comes with a few taken-for-granted guarantees (though never presume anything and always do your research). You can pretty much be sure that any large company who has affiliates in cities across several states will have a business license, professional certification for both the company and its workers, a pesticide applicator’s license and liability insurance. These things taken together do not automatically equal better service, but they do often mean that there is less overall risk of liability on your part if anything goes wrong.  

The Benefits Of Not Having To Do It Yourself

Whichever you choose, it is a great idea for your health and for the health of your lawn to hire a service to take care of things for you. Knowing all the benefits that a lawn service brings, check out to find the right lawn care service for your lawn mowing needs today.

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