How to Prevent a Mosquito Infestation

In the wrong circumstances, an evening outside can really bite. And bite and bite. With their buzzing and hunger for blood, mosquitoes can turn time outside into a painful nightmare, forcing you back indoors. Additionally, they pose a threat, for they can carry potentially serious diseases like malaria, West Nile and Zika. These pests are the most unwelcome guests at any outdoor event.

Controlling mosquitoes is important to protecting your home, your lawn and the people you love. What can you do for mosquito control on your lawn? has a variety of suggestions to help you with all aspects of lawn care, particularly regarding those pesky little insects.

Signs of Mosquito Infestation

Around 200 species of mosquito can be found in the United States, thriving when overnight temperatures reach above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures and humidity create a mosquito’s ideal habitat.

You can get ahead of a mosquito infestation in your outdoor space by understanding how they thrive. Removing some of these conditions from around your space during your lawn care efforts will lower the chances of mosquito problems.

Standing Water

Keep an eye out for ponds, puddles or bowls of water left outside unattended, for mosquito breeding can thrive around standing water. Mosquito eggs are plentiful in those areas.

If an area is capable of holding water for more than a week, then it is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Keep those areas free of standing water, keep the areas clean, and you’ll be safer.

Inside Your House

If you begin to notice mosquitoes inside your home, there’s a good chance they are lurking in your outdoor spaces, likely in the undersides of trees and shrubs, where leaves can provide protection from the sun and predators. Occasional mosquitoes do not signal a problem, but there is likely a problem if they are a consistent nuisance indoors.

To treat the problem, use to find a specialist to treat outdoor areas, such as your patio.


Heat and humidity allow for mosquitoes to thrive, for they’re cold-blooded. Languid conditions help them regulate their body temperature. So, if it’s hot and the air feels like it’s giving you an uncomfortable, endless embrace, mosquitoes are likely out, too.

Humid regions are more likely to have mosquito problems.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Treating your lawn regularly for mosquitoes is a proven method for reducing mosquito infestations. To create the best plan for mosquito control on your lawn, contact a specialist or an exterminator about what to do, though other methods you can do yourself will also provide some relief.

Contact a Mosquito Control Specialist

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional is that their experience is invaluable. These service providers know how to tackle the problem as it emerges, killing immature mosquitoes as well as adults. The problem can often be under control within 24 hours.

Mosquito Repellents

Personal sprays can help you get some mosquitoes to bug off. However, as long as you are outside in the heat doing lawn care, your own body moisture can lessen the effect of a repellent. Additionally, citronella candles on your patio can also prevent bugs from approaching, but you would have to burn the candle for a while and stay near it for it to have the most effect.

Spraying for mosquitos and trying to treat the problem yourself is an option, and it might cost less, though it would involve more trial and error than using a specialist with experience.

To discuss mosquito control or any other lawn maintenance issues, contact our network of lawn care experts.

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