How Do You Hire The Best Lawn Care Service In Your City?

Your home is unique and personal. It has touches that are distinctively yours, and you care for it as no one else knows how. So when it becomes necessary to bring in outside help to tend its outside, what’s the best way to proceed when considering lawn maintenance companies?

How do you choose the best lawn care provider? What questions should you ask? can help connect you with local lawn care experts, and we’re here to help you screen your options to best suit your personal needs, which can vary from household to household.

The Reputation Of Your Lawn Care Company

In this day and age, customer reviews and community feedback are easier to find than ever, allowing you the chance to vet a lawn care company before you even get them on the phone. Check their customer ratings and comments. Talk to neighbors when you can. Word-of-mouth helps good local business thrive, so check your options and the company’s reliability.

Even though website reviews don’t often give you the full picture of a company’s abilities, for people only review something when they extremely love or hate something, it’s a way to start your detective work when finding the right company for you.

Talk to folks you trust. They might know the right lawn care company based upon the services you need at price points your budget allows for.

Licensing And Insurance

Every company that you conduct business with – lawn maintenance, contractor, landscaper, etc. – should have liability insurance and proper licensing to practice their craft within your state. Period. This means that they have protected themselves and you in the event of an emergency. It will protect your lawn. It will protect your home and your family. This question is perhaps the most important one you can ask.

Perhaps your neighbors have recommended someone who wants pay under-the-table, maybe just the local guy with a lawnmower, but your home is not properly protected in the event of damage or problems if you utilize these businesses.

Proper licensing and insurance indicate that these businesses have complied with outside regulations to assure that they use best practices in their methods. You deserve that sort of consideration.

Professional Associations And Trade Organizations

Trade organization membership can indicate a dedication to craft, professionalism, and artistry. It’s just a sign that someone cares enough to learn from others and have a community of professionals that they can consult in any situation.

Usually, organizations and associations require their members meet a certain standard of excellence and experience. A company mentioning multiple memberships mean that they’ve been vetted by other experts and practitioners.

So it’s a good sign.


This should not be a factor for regular lawn maintenance. If a lawn care company suggests it, ask them if you can use them on a trial basis to see if they are the right fit for your needs. Good companies should accommodate this request.

Regarding larger projects, if your lawn care company or landscaper requires contracts before a massive project, that’s another good sign of professionalism and dedication. This means that you have your own needs and boundaries stated in a legal document, as well. This way, you will have a list of expected duties and an agreed-upon timetable and price to conduct the work.

Equipment Maintenance

When talking with a company, ask them how often they maintain the equipment they use right off the bat. That way, you’ll know about their dedication and attention to detail. Additionally, you’ll be assured to get functional equipment on your lawn, with less chance of breakdowns or delays caused by malfunctioning mowers and weed whackers.

Ask them how often they sharpen their blades. How many mowing hours do they go before sharpening or changing blades?

The answer should be no more than 10 mowing hours, meaning care is taken every few days.

Customer Service

Quick callbacks, professional responses and prompt email replies are the sign that a company cares, though quality customer service is more difficult to find in lawn maintenance companies these days. Email-first contact with a lawn care company is best when trying to find a new practitioner, for scheduling a quote should not be a hassle.

Find a company that uses up-to-date technology and contact methods, including scheduling and billing methods. That way, you will be able to handle your transactions with minimal fuss, be it a short or long-term relationship you intend.

To find local lawn care companies that have your best interests in mind, check to be connected with the best experts who understand your region and can recommend a lawn care plan tailored to the needs of your outdoor space.

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