4 Ways to Make Your Lawn More Attractive and Increase Curb Appeal

Everyone talks about having more curb appeal, but what does curb appeal really mean? To break it down quite simply, curb appeal is the first impression anyone will have of your home. This is essential to evaluate when you are selling your home, but it’s also important any time as it adds value to your house. The more attractive your home and yard are, the more your home will be worth, which is why regular lawn care is so important.

Putting on a fresh coat of exterior paint or doing some landscaping are some nice ways to quickly increase the curb appeal. Making your lawn more attractive is another great way to increase curb appeal. Here are four ways to make that happen:


  1. Stay on top of lawn maintenance.

Everyone knows you should mow the grass at least every other week. Depending on the type of grass you have, you may need to mow the lawn more or less often, however, lawn maintenance is so much more than just cutting the grass every so often. While cutting the lawn is definitely an important part of lawn care, there are other critical steps like fertilization. You’ll need to have your lawn fertilized at the right times of the year, which will depend largely on your location and what type of grass you have.


  1. Tidy up the edges of your lawn.

One way to make your lawn look incredibly beautiful is to have tidy and neat edges. Use a short plank of wood to guide the edging process if you want to make sure you get straight lines. Lawn edging stones are also a great thing to use.


  1. Grow nice-looking flowers.

There’s nothing that will lighten up your yard as much as nice flowers will. They are a great way to greet visitors initially, and they can make your home a lot more attractive. If you want to give your lawn color throughout all of the seasons, you can grow annuals and perennials. You’ll also want to do some research to find out which flowers are the best for your geographical location.


  1. Add some bird feeders.

Add bird feeders to your yard to create a more relaxing and serene atmosphere. Nothing makes a home more peaceful than the singing of birds around the house. It’s important to keep the bird feeders stocked so that the birds will be interested in returning to your yard. It will also be quite fun to identify the birds that flock to your yard.


These are just four ideas to give you a more attractive yard and increase your curb appeal. You also want to make sure that you have the best type of grass for your area, such as one that can handle a lot of sunlight or harsh weather. For any questions about improving your home’s curb appeal, reach out to LawnCare.net to find a lawn care professional. Our network of experts can provide the services and lawn care plans specifically tailored to your yard.

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