What Are Best Flowers To Plant In Winter?

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What Are Best Flowers To Plant In Winter?

Did you know that many perennials, annuals and shrubs will bloom in winter? In milder climates, some flowering plants bloom all winter long! With a little planning before winter, you can have colorful surprises in your garden and around your home during the dreary winter months. Below you will find a list of 5 hardy winter blooms that flower and flourish in the cold. Before adding one of these winter beauties to your garden, check your USDA Hardiness zone to be sure a plant is well-suited for the climate in which you live. Or, for an expert opinion, contact one of our professionals in your specific service area.

1. Calendula

Calendulas provide beautiful, bright color in the late fall through spring with their daisy-like petals. Calendula plants need full sun and moderate water and will bloom in radiant colors like orange and yellow or more subtle shades of apricot and cream. 

2. Crocus

Small flowers with cup-shaped petals, crocus bloom from late winter to early spring, even peeking out from beneath snow-covered ground. Crocus flourish in rock gardens and along walkways, reminding you that spring is on its way.

3. Winter Pansy

These little flowers are cold-weather champions. Winter pansies can grow from a frozen state ready to flower. Winter pansies grow well with other bedding plant flowers like nemesia, snapdragon and sweet alyssum. Low-growing and hardy, winter pansies can deliver blooms through much of the winter and come in a large range of both colors, including bi-colored blooms.

4. Viola

Violas, much like the pansy, bring bright color and a sweet fragrance to the short, gray days of winter. Unlike the pansy, violas can withstand a very rainy season. They are even hardy enough to handle light frosts and can keep blooming through most of winter in mild to moderate climates. Though not technically perennials, they often drop enough seeds that they will pop up on their own each spring.

5. Snowdrop

Also referred to as galanthus, these delicate, very small, drooping white and pale green flowers bloom in late winter even while there is still snow on the ground. Plant under tress and shrubs in large amounts for a beautiful view of something white on the ground that isn’t snow.

Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

No matter where you live, winter doesn’t have to be a gray and white wonderland. Add some color to your home and garden with these winter flower suggestions. Have more questions about which winter flowers are best for your yard, or lawn care as a whole? Reach out to any of the experienced and knowledgeable professionals you can find on LawnCare.net.

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