How To Use Landscape Fabric For Weed Control

Need to get rid of weeds? Read on to learn the answers to all of your important questions about weed elimination. Need help? Contact our lawn care professionals today to get started.


What Is Landscape Fabric?

There are many landscaping materials that are expressly designed to help prevent weeds. Landscape fabric is one of the simplest and most effective methods available for fighting weeds, but can be a little tricky to set up. Proper installation of landscaping fabric is necessary in order for the material both to work correctly and to lay flat. The idea is that landscape fabric will reduce weeds in your garden beds, saving you the time and effort of pulling them instead.  

What Is Landscape Fabric Made Of?

It is made of woven material which, being permeable, allows air and water to reach plants while also retaining moisture in the soil. Landscape fabric is UV resistant, designed to last long and is excellent for perennial crops. It stops weed seeds from developing.

How To Use Landscape Fabric

Before laying down the landscape fabric, you are going to want to prepare the soil. First, dig or pull any existing weeds in your garden to start with a weed-free area. Next, till the soil and work compost and any soil additives or fertilization that you know will benefit the plants you will plant in that area. Pick up any rocks, sticks or other debris and smooth down the soil with a rake or other gardening implement. 

Unroll the landscape fabric, starting at one end of your gardening bed and working your way to the other end. When covered, you will need a fabric knife or utility knife to cut the fabric so it fits the area, overlapping each piece by 12 inches to prevent weeds from sneaking through the gaps. Smooth the fabric down as much as possible to prevent any bunching and then push landscape staples into the ground every few feet to secure the fabric well. Pay special attention to those areas where the sheets of fabric overlap. 

Now you can cut slits or holes in the fabric where you want to plant new plants. Once planted, make sure to cover the roots with soil. It is usually best to cover landscape fabric with mulch, rock or other ground cover for aesthetic reasons, but it will work fine on its own. 

Should I Call A Lawn Care Company For Help With Weeds?

Landscape Fabric is just one option among many to fight the constant battle all gardeners have with weeds. If you have questions about how to use landscape fabric or are looking for other options to fend of weeds in your garden, look no further than the professional lawn care services at Our experts can provide you with a personalized plan for your outdoor space, with services specifically tailored to your needs.

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