TruGreen vs. Lawn Love

There are many popular options when it comes to lawn care in your area. TruGreen has a team of expertly trained professionals offering unique, personalized solutions specifically tailored to the needs of your outdoor space. Backed by their TruGreen Guarantee2, the company prides themselves on excellence, guaranteeing they will visit your property as often as needed to ensure your satisfaction. With over 200 branches of service providers in the 48 contiguous states, TruGreen’s locations serve over 2 million customers. Lawn Love is an another provider with an extensive network, having locations in over 120 cities. Read below to compare the two and see which option is best for your outdoor space’s unique needs.

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, TruGreen has developed a strong reputation since its founding in 1973, leading it to become the leading lawn care company in North America. Whether it’s providing aeration and lime application to promote healthy, green grass or lawn maintenance and tree and shrub care to keep your yard in top shape, you can confidently trust TruGreen to do exactly what is needed to create an optimal outdoor living space.

TruGreen customers can be sure they will receive the best service possible. TruGreen begins with their Healthy Lawn Analysis1, a comprehensive diagnosis of your lawn’s wellbeing. This will help TruGreen form a plan specifically tailored to your lawn’s exact needs. They will then be sure to visit your property every 4-6 weeks and provide you with a detailed service summary after each visit outlining the progress of your lawn. TruGreen also offers multiple other services depending on the size and scale of your outdoor space, including mosquito control, irrigation, and options for commercial properties. You can be sure that when you get in touch with TruGreen, you will have a knowledgeable local professional that can visit your property in a timely manner.

Lawn Love is another world-class lawn service company, taking pride in their unique, technology-focused approach to lawn care. They believe lawn care is a science and treat it as such. Lawn Love starts by providing you with an instant quote based on your location and services needed, using satellite mapping, saving you time and effort by skipping the phone calls to multiple lawn care companies to get competing quotes. Then, you are matched with a local lawn care company based on your exact needs. You can be sure this local lawn professional is an expert because they have been screened by Lawn Love for quality. Offering service plans and a satisfaction guarantee, when you use Lawn Love, you can be sure you are receiving some of the highest-quality, highest-value service for your yard.

Both TruGreen and Lawn Love are great options for maintaining your outdoor space and both provide multiple services to keep your lawn healthy and green. Below is an objective comparison between the two companies.

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