How a Well-Tended Landscape Adds Value to a Home

A well-tended landscape has a number of benefits. Not only does landscaping boost curb appeal, but it can also be instrumental when selling one's home. According to the ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects), a well-kept lawn adds up to 20% of value to one's home.

Having an attractive lawn is especially beneficial when you're putting your home on the market. This is because the lawn is the first thing that potential buyers will see. With that being said, trees and vibrant flowers can be more appealing than standard green shrubs.

Why is Landscaping Important?

A survey from 1999 concluded that a lawn's design was the most important aspect in determining the value of a lawn. Plant size and plant type also played a role. The survey also claimed that a home with a barren landscape could increase its worth by thousands of dollars. It's important to note that a lawn's value will increase over time as the trees and plants mature.

Ideas for Adding Value with Landscaping

Planting trees is an easy way to add longstanding value to your home. The best type of trees to plant are high-quality shade trees, including sugar maple, red maple, pine oak, white oak, and live oak. While shade trees vary in height, they all provide ample shade. Blooming trees can also increase property value by adding a splash of color to an otherwise green lawn. Redbud, magnolia, crape myrtle, cherry, and flower crab apple are some of the most popular blooming trees. When planting trees, keep in mind how it will affect views both inside and outside the home. For instance, planting a tall tree in front of your home may make it difficult for passersby to notice the home's architecture.

Foundation plants are ideal for landscaping around the house. These plants include perennials, low shrubs, and flowering shrubs like azaleas, encore azaleas, and winterberry holly. Groundcover beds can be planted under trees. This is because they're shade-tolerant and require less water than other plants.

Incorporating decorative structures, like boulders, arbors, and pergola with vines, can also help your lawn look more distinctive. These materials can also be used for landscaping around one's patio. Privacy hedging can also be a huge draw for potential buyers. Fast-growing trees and shrubs, such as arborvitae, willow hybrid, and yew, are perfect for this type of hedging.

Taking care of existing plants is just as important as planting new ones. Regardless of why you're landscaping, you need to practice good lawn care year-round. This means shearing overgrown tree limbs and shrubs, as well as mowing the lawn and removing weeds. You can also add volume to a bare lawn by overseeding it.

Landscaping one's property can be an enjoyable pastime; however, it can be quite time-consuming. If you're interested in a landscape overhaul, you may want to ask a local lawn care company for some assistance. They can help you choose trees and plants that are most suitable for your environment.

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