TruGreen Prices: Affordable Lawn Care Options

With locations around the United States, TruGreen prices are some of the most competitive for lawn and landscape maintenance.  To get started with TruGreen, request a free lawn estimate, or a free tree and shrub estimate.  You’ll be visited by a professional TruGreen Specialist, who will evaluate your lawn care needs, or tree and shrub care needs.  Additionally, you can receive a discounted first-time lawn treatment when you request a lawn care evaluation. When searching for local TruGreen branches near you, make sure to search for TruGreen, not True Green or Truegreen, common misspellings of the TruGreen name.  You will find, upon searching, that there is likely a branch location near you that can provide professional lawn care at an affordable price.

Lawn Care Packages and One-Time Services

TruGreen offers both continual package services and one-time services.  A TruGreen lawn care specialist can visit and consult with you, to give you a plan for the best service for your lawn.  Packages for the following services are offered:
  • Routine lawn care maintenance
  • Tree and shrub maintenance
  • Insect control
  • Nuisance pest control
  • Seasonal fertilization
  • Organic lawn maintenance
Additionally, one-time services may be schedules.  These TruGreen prices are dependent upon the individual lawn space to be treated.
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Slit seeding
  • De-thatching
  • Dormant Oil application

Proper Lawn Care Saves Money

While it might seem like a luxury expense to hire lawn care professionals to perform routine lawn maintenance, in the long run, maintaining a healthy lawn will save time and money.  The lawn and landscape is a major factor in assessing the value of a property.  A beautiful lawn and landscape will elevate a home in the minds of potential buyers, while a weedy, overgrown landscape will lower the perceived value. Even professionals cannot accomplish remedial landscape care and weed control overnight.  Reclaiming a lawn or landscape from weeds and invasives or pest problems can take several months to a few years.  Consider it an investment in the future of your property and financial security to engage TruGreen Chemlawn to handle lawn and landscape maintenance and weed control. For TruGreen prices from your nearest provider, request a free lawn evaluation today.
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