TruGreen Lawn Service Adds Curb Appeal

TruGreen lawn services can help you whether you’re buying or selling, renting or owning a home.  Selling a home in today’s market requires a monumental amount of effort, including lawn care.  There are entire television shows devoted to sprucing up curb appeal of your house before you try to sell it.  In many of the television programs, the happy ending is that the house does sell—after a little bit of TLC on the outside. (No pun intended, though most of the programs are on TLC.) What if, instead of waiting to add curb appeal until you absolutely have to, until you need to sell your house, you contacted TruGreen?  What if, instead of being forced to slog through lawn care projects that have been put off for years, resulting in major damage to your lawn, garden, trees and shrubs, you enlisted the help of lawn care professionals from TruGreen (not to be mistaken for TrueGreen lawn care), to help your lawn and landscaping look great all of the time?  You might be surprised at how much time, effort and money you can save yourself, while keeping your house looking great.

Common Myths about Lawn Care and Home Value

Myth: You shouldn’t add plants to the landscape because new home owners might want to add their own. Fact: If a lawn or landscape has not been updated in many years (think: yews for every foundation planting, or overgrown shrubs blocking the front door), it can be expensive and time consuming to update.  Potential buyers will look favorably upon updates to the landscaping, including a few sections of annual flowers for color. Myth: House shoppers pay more attention to what’s inside than what’s outside. Fact: Your lawn makes the first impression of your house.  If the lawn is scraggly, patchy or unhealthy, and it is ringed with overgrown trees and shrubs, potential buyers might not even make it inside your house.  The lawn acts like a picture frame for the house.  If it looks great, people may not take too much notice.  If it looks terrible, they won’t even see your house, because they will be so pre-occupied thinking about how to fix the lawn, and if they want to even bother. Myth: You only get your money’s worth by upgrading kitchens and bathrooms. Fact: Dollars spent on tasteful landscaping are always returned 100% when the house is sold.  A study from Clemson University shows that landscaping can increase the perceived value of a home by up to 10%.  The quality of the landscaping matters, too.  Keeping the lawn and garden beautiful will result in higher home sales. Myth: You shouldn’t start a lawn service when you are preparing to sell your house, or your house is on the market. Fact: When you list your home for sale is the perfect time for finding and retaining a lawn service.  Even if you have been diligent about maintaining the lawn, it is more important than ever to keep your grass trimmed, green and thick.   TruGreen Lawn services can take care of the outside, while you take care of the inside.  A house for sale creates a stressful situation for everyone.  Don’t stress over your lawn, hire a professional to keep it looking great.

A Little Investment with TruGreen Lawn Care Results in Big Gains

Instead of waiting until the last minute to take interest in the yard, engage a lawn care service like TruGreen Lawn Care to keep your yard in continuous peak condition.  Or, if you have waited until the last minute, let professionals at TruGreen help you clean up, and freshen up your lawn.  Give your house the best chance to sell by keeping your lawn beautiful.
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