On the Other Side: Top Lawn and Garden Tweeters

We love connecting with our peers on Twitter. Here are some of our #FollowFriday recommendations.
Cristina da Silva – @CristinaGardens
Ontario blogger and professional gardener Cristina da Silva tweets on everything from home remedies for gardening to soil and irrigation. She regularly hosts #groundchat on Fridays at 2 pm EST—an open forum for all things lawn and garden. Be sure to join #groundchat January 11 when we guest host on organic lawn care!
Gardening Know How – @gardenknowhow
We love Gardening Know How’s helpfulness. The bio explains it all: “Ask a gardening question. Get a gardening answer.” Looking to do interior decorating with houseplants? They have answer for you. Want to grow a fruit garden? Tweet them. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced green thumb, they have advice for you.
Container Gardening – @containerplants
For tweeters with limited growing space, container gardens are great options. Container Gardening covers everything from potato container gardens to organic gardening. If you’re thinking about starting your own container gardening or gifting a kit for the holidays, check out their tips on Twitter.
Manure Tea – @GreenSoil
Don’t let the name throw you. Manure Tea is the tweeter to follow if you’re looking for a natural fertilizer for your garden. You’ll see Manure Tea tweeting in many lawn and garden Twitter chats, so be sure to say hello! Look out for posts about giveaways. Manure Tea usually has the scoop on lawn and garden deals and freebies.
Corona Tools – @CoronaTools
Corona Tools manufactures landscape and gardening tools. You’ll see them hosting several Twitter chats throughout the week on gardening (#gardenchat), landscaping (#landscapechat), and all things trees (#treechat). We love how friendly and helpful they are, and we think you will too. Stop by one of their chats Monday through Wednesday.
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