It's Getting Warmer! Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

When summer temperatures arrive, you and your family will start spending plenty of time on your beautiful lawn. During this season, your grass needs special care to keep it healthy and green. If the summers in your area are especially hot, you'll have to work extra hard. Fortunately, with the right effort and techniques, you can maintain a healthy lawn throughout the season. Employ these summer lawn care tips and you?ll be on your way to the lawn of your dreams.

Summer Watering Techniques

Your lawn won't last through the summer if you don't water it properly. If you water your lawn just as you did during the spring; on a hot afternoon, the water in your grass will evaporate more quickly. For best results on hot days, water your lawn early in the morning as doing so in the afternoon will only waste your water and your money. Also, plan to give your lawn about an inch of water per week.

Mowing Techniques

During the summer, raise the blades on your lawn mower to their highest setting. By letting the grass grow longer in the summer, your lawn will grow deeper roots and become more drought-resistant. Before you start mowing, check on your lawnmower's blades! Sharp blades will produce a clean cut instead of tearing and harming your lawn.

Fertilizing Tips

Applying fertilizer to your lawn during the summer can burn your grass. Regardless of your lawn's condition, resist the urge to fertilize. You should only use fertilizer in the spring and early fall.

Avoiding Insects

If you decide to stop watering your lawn in the summer, your grass may become more susceptible to insect infestations. Inspect your lawn regularly to check for issues. Some insect problems may clear up on their own, but other problems may require your intervention. In serious cases, you may need to use insecticides to save your lawn.

Good Care Habits

Your lawn makes a great place for summer activities, including barbeques, water games and parties. Improper lawn use can lead to headaches for you, however. The following lawn care tips will keep it healthy and able to withstand much traffic.

Don't leave canopies or tents on your lawn for extended periods of time. Your lawn may die if it doesn't receive a good amount of sunshine.Watch high-traffic areas for signs of damage. Consider installing some stepping-stones to help guide your family and guests around your lawn and to minimize trampling. Check your lawn for weeds regularly. Catching weeds early will help prevent new ones from growing and creating unsightly problems in your yard.

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