Spring Lawn Fertilizer

Spring lawn fertilizer is crucial for a lush lawn year-round

The start of spring brings a sense of renewal. Light jackets replace heavy coats; people enjoy outdoor activities, and flowers begin to bloom. And, just as homeowners embark on spring cleaning inside their homes, the outside is calling for equal care and attention. Dry leaves need raking, and the lawn needs your loving care to maintain luster and health throughout the season. A spring lawn fertilizer will become a vital part of spring cleaning your lawn; however, you must pay attention to the type of fertilizer you use and how much you apply.

Knowing when, and how, to apply fertilizer will be the difference between a vibrant lawn and one that lacks luster.

Remember, just as spring brings new life, the dehydrating months of summer can be hard for plants to withstand. Since many grass types need to establish a strong and sturdy root system in the spring to endure the harsh conditions of summer, fertilization should be done during the early beginnings of spring, and be a primary focus of homeowners.

Your lawn will definitely yield great results if a spring lawn fertilizer is applied in the right amounts, and at the right times. Bear in mind, however, achieving a healthy lawn requires ongoing maintenance which begins before spring. While spring lawn fertilizer and maintenance is an important step in obtaining a beautiful lawn, a lawn must always be nurtured throughout the year.

Too Much Spring Lawn Fertilizer Is Not a Good Thing

We've all, at some point, gotten 'fertilizer happy' when it came to feeding our lawns. Though efforts were undoubtedly well-intentioned, too much fertilizer isn't always a good thing, especially in the spring. While fertilization is important for the lawn, applying an excessive amount of spring lawn fertilizer can cause weed growth and disease. So, in addition to limiting the amount of spring lawn fertilizer, it's also important to not apply it at the very start of spring.

Although your lawn will boast a beautiful green luster after application, fertilizing it too early encourages top growth, which damages the root system. Furthermore, if the roots of a lawn are fragile and weak, they're less likely to withstand the dry and hot conditions of summer. The after effects of early spring fertilization can actually defeat the purpose of feeding your lawn.

So, how do you give your lawn just the right amount of spring cleaning? We suggest that you start early, before spring; don't over-fertilize, and make sure the spring lawn fertilizer you choose include less nitrogen and more phosphorous, to promote strong and healthy roots. It's really that simple. If you apply these quick lawn care tips, the lush lawn you desire can be yours, for springtime and all-year round.

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