Caring for Your Lawn Season to Season

The changing seasons can wreak havoc to your lawn, particularly if you live in a very dry environment. It?s a good idea to design a maintenance plan that will prevent your landscape from looking barren. Maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn isn?t difficult, and many of the procedures take very little time. You can easily incorporate these tips into your daily and weekly home maintenance schedule.

Seasonal Lawn Care ? The Must Haves

One of the main necessities for a healthy landscape is water. Hydrating your grass will give it some sustenance. It?s best to water the lawn in the early hours of the day before the hot sun dries up the moisture. In general, lawns need at least 1 inch of water every week. You may need to provide more in an extremely hot or dry climate. It?s important not to oversaturate the soil, so take note of how slowly or quickly your lawn soaks up the water.

Fertilization is also essential for a healthy lawn. An effective fertilizer will give your grass and soil the nutrients required for proper growth. Feed your lawn a high-quality, nitrogen-rich, time-release fertilizer in the spring. This will jump-start the growth before you take a lawn mower to the grass. Use a winterizing fertilizer in the fall so that the soil can store the nutrients through the harsh cold season.

When cutting your lawn, set the mower blades as high as you can. If you keep the blades of grass taller, they can absorb the light energy required for transferring nutrients to the soil and roots. Longer grass blades also provide shade for the soil during the driest and warmest days of the summer. Cutting the grass too short may hinder productivity and encourage moisture loss in the soil. Spread the grass clippings across the lawn to deliver additional nutrients.

If there are areas of grass that won?t grow properly, you should supply seed as soon as possible. Avoid seeding one area multiple times because this will overwork the soil. Providing adequate hydration to the seeded soil should encourage new growth. Look for weeds in the newly seeded areas, and immediately remove any you find. It?s also a good idea to check the entire lawn for weeds every couple of days.

Summertime wreaks havoc on grass, but some preventative care will work wonders. Throughout the warm season, remove any debris from your lawn and watch for potential problems such as insect invasions, dry patches or unwanted plant growth. These are all enemies of a healthy lawn, and they can destroy the surrounding soil. By giving your lawn the necessary attention and care each summer, you can have the lush, beautiful landscape that you want.

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