how to plant a lawn

How to Plant a Lawn

Though planting grass seed may seem like a rather large undertaking, you should be perfectly capable of creating a wonderfully green lawn by following a few easy steps. You will want to begin by tilling the soil and perhaps adding a bit of compost. The tilling process will aerate the soil and will distribute the moisture evenly throughout. Garden shovels can be used to turn over the dirt.

Planting a Lawn from Scratch

Once the preliminary work has been completed, you can move on to the exciting prospect of choosing a particular specie of grass. Bermuda grass is hardy and is generally used in yards where there will be quite a bit of foot traffic. Because certain varieties of grass will be sensitive to temperature extremes, you will want to examine a zonal chart, which should tell you which species will grow best in your area.

When you have bought the seed, you can then begin your final preparations. The soil should be made as compact as possible through a process known as tamping. When the dirt itself is pushed down and flattened out, the lawn is more likely to remain level through the years. After you have completed the tamping, it will be time to begin planting.

Push-cart seed spreaders usually work best for larger planting jobs. Spreaders, in fact, are designed to release the correct amount of seed per square foot, which means that overcrowding will not be a problem. Following the planting, you can put down a thin layer of peat moss or manure. This material will help the soil retain its moisture. Manure is also very high in nutrients and will nurture the seedlings as they begin to grow.

Frequent watering is one of the most important parts of the process. Automated sprinkler systems can be set up. Otherwise, you can use a garden hose. Light watering is usually best. This way, the seeds can germinate without being unnecessarily blasted from their locations. Even after the grass has begun to grow, watering should still be done twice each day.

You can soon watch in admiration as your lovely green shoots begin to light up the back yard. Once the grass has grown to about 6 inches in height, you can mow the lawn for the first time. Seedlings are remarkably resilient and will have no problems bouncing back.

In the end, then, most amateur landscapers will be able to coax beautiful carpets of grass from the soil around their houses. As long as the correct seed is bought and the proper preparation work is performed, the lawn will become the jewel of the neighborhood. Fertilizer can be added from time to time for some extra luster. Learn more about lawn planting by checking out other helpful articles on the site. Remember to always consider the help of a professional when you are ready to plant your first lawn.

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