The Pros & Cons of Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

Liquid lawn fertilizer can dramatically improve the health and appearance of a lawn.
Liquid lawn fertilizer can dramatically improve the health and appearance of a lawn.

Liquid lawn fertilizers are fast-acting and offer even coverage.

If you pay a visit to your local home improvement store with the goal of finding an effective lawn fertilizer, chances are you'll feel overwhelmed. Standing amidst the aisle, it may seem as if you're in fertilizer paradise (or purgatory, depending on how you view lawn care). With so many kinds of fertilizers from which to choose, it's difficult to make a decision. Liquid lawn fertilizer is a specific type of fertilizer that responds quickly post application. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of liquid lawn fertilizers, so the next time you find yourself in the fertilizer aisle, you'll be equipped to make a speedy decision.

Liquid Lawn Fertilizer: The Pros

  • Because liquid lawn fertilizer comes in the form of a spray, your lawn will receive even coverage, thus decreasing the chance of burning it.
  • Again, due to the spray form, it's the application process is simple.
  • Once you spray liquid lawn fertilizer to the roots and leaves, the effect is immediate; your lawn will receive nutrients and 'perk up' in no time.
  • With liquid lawn fertilizers, the combination of fertilizer and herbicide helps to ward off weeds, too.
  • No more breaking your back hauling those hefty bags of granular fertilizer. With liquid lawn fertilizer, the only thing you carry around is the spray bottle (attached to the garden hose).

Liquid Lawn Fertilizer: The Cons

  • If you do not have a hose to attach to the container of liquid lawn fertilizer, then it's essentially a waste of time to buy this form of fertilizer.
  • Liquid lawn fertilizers are more costly than other fertilizer forms.
  • Because a liquid lawn fertilizer reacts instantly, you must apply it to your lawn frequently. If your lawn is larger, it could mean you're paying a lot more than you would with other fertilizer forms, in addition to spending more time applying it on a regular basis.

Organic Liquid Lawn Fertilizers

Now that you've narrowed your fertilizer search to liquid lawn fertilizer, you have another critical choice to make: organic versus synthetic. Organic liquid lawn fertilizer is derived from animal and plant sources, and it is highly beneficial to the soil (not to mention the environment). There are few disadvantages when it comes to organic liquid lawn fertilizer. Due the fact that the ingredients come from nature, the results are not a fast as synthetic liquid lawn fertilizer, but this is actually an advantage in the long run. Additionally, organic liquid lawn fertilizer has a distinct odor, but it fades away quickly. When you consider the positive effects that organic liquid lawn fertilizer has on the lawn and the environment, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. But the decision is yours to make-after all, it's your lawn. Perhaps now you can march to the nearest home improvement store with a little more knowledge and determination than before. Good luck!
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