• 24 Jun
    "One of the choices you have for your lawn is whether to choose real grass or artificial turf grass. Both choices have their benefits and problems."
  • 21 Jun
    Flooding and standing water on a lawn create havoc and destruction, and it often takes a lot of time and effort to repair a lawn after flooding occurs.
  • 14 Jun
    Nutsedge isn’t impossible to kill. In order to rid your lawn of nutsedge completely, you must first understand what it is.
  • 12 Jun
    When it comes to taking good care of your lawn and decorating it with the right lawn decorations, it is necessary to take some time in choosing for the best option.
  • 05 Jun
    Armed with a few tools and a little knowledge, you can learn how to kill weeds without killing grass.
  • 03 Jun
    With the present awareness to create a more eco-friendly environment, more people are switching to organic lawn maintenance.
  • 02 Jun
    Keeping a lawn beautiful is hard work, and lawn clover can make the task even more complicated.
  • 01 Jun
    Here are a few poisonous plants that you should avoid when working on a new landscape.
  • 04 Apr
    We get a lot of questions from people wondering what to do with grass clippings.
  • 04 Apr
    With the weather warming up and the grass starting to grow, your thoughts have probably turned to lawn care.
  • 02 Apr
    Is clover in the lawn a good thing or a bad thing? Lawns used to be planted with a mixture of clover and turfgrass seed.
  • 02 Apr
    The calendar says it's spring, but the weather doesn't in many parts of the United States. It's still time to think about spring lawn care, though, even if it isn't time to actually do much spring lawn care.
  • 06 Mar
    Henbit is a cool-season lawn weed common in the South. It's a member of the mint family, and exhibits characteristics of other mint family plants, including the square stem that all mint relatives have.
  • 06 Mar
    Henbit is a cool-season lawn weed common in the South. It's a member of the mint family, and exhibits characteristics of other mint family plants, including the square stem that all mint relatives have.
  • 21 Feb
    Dollar weed (scientific name Hydrocotyle verticillata) is a major lawn weed in the southeast.
  • 06 Feb
    It's frustrating to spend a lot of time making your lawn lush and green, only to have weeds pop up all over the place.
  • 05 Feb
    Probably one of the biggest questions for homeowners is whether they should stop caring for their lawns at all during the winter and leave them alone or if there are things they need to do during the winter to keep the lawn healthy
  • 22 Jan
    Whether or not your lawn is growing right now, you can still think about lawn edging. Edging is the finishing touch to your lawn.
  • 18 Jan
    Earlier this month Lawn Care guest hosted #groundchat on Twitter.
  • 16 Jan
    The time to get ahead of winter lawn weeds is actually in the fall, but what you learn about winter weed control can also be applied to spring and summer weed control.
  • 04 Jan
    We love connecting with our peers on Twitter. Here are some of our #FollowFriday recommendations.
  • 21 Dec
    Certain areas of the country are experiencing warmer than usual winter weather right now. After you’ve “put your lawn to bed” what does this mean for lawn care?
  • 20 Dec
    We love connecting with our peers on Twitter. Here are some of our #FollowFriday recommendations.
  • 13 Dec
  • 13 Dec
    If you go to big botanical gardens in the early spring, one of the prettiest things you will see is a big lawn full of naturalized crocus and daffodils popping up through the spring grass. If you have a larger lawn area that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic, or a lawn-covered slope that could use some brightening, this is a fun project to add interest. The key to naturalizing bulbs is patience. Patience to let the clumps grow over time and patience to let the grass grow in the spring after the bulbs bloom.
  • 07 Dec

    A green lawn-the ideal for any homeowner. How do you achieve a beautiful, cushiony stretch of green lawn from your front door all the way to the street? There are a combination of factors that go into it.

  • 30 Nov
    If you haven’t already, now is the time to winterize your lawn care equipment.
  • 28 Nov
    We get asked this question a lot on LawnCare.net. Bermudagrass can be quite the weed if it is growing where you don’t want it!
  • 15 Nov
    Whether you overseeded your lawn in order to thicken up thinning spots or to ensure green color throughout the winter, there are certain aspects of lawn care that you need to cover in order to have a healthy lawn during cooler months.
  • 30 Oct
    What you do to take care of your lawn during the fall and winter depends entirely upon where you live.
  • 19 Oct
    Fall has arrived quickly for northern gardeners. One minute and the temperatures were soaring above 80 degrees, and the next, they’re plunging into the 50s and 60s at night.
  • 12 Oct
    With the change of seasons comes the change of lawn problems. Weeds aren’t just a summer headache for lawns—they’re also a problem during the cooler months. Each region has its own particular tough to deal with winter weeds.
  • 03 Oct
    There’s nothing more aggravating than walking outside in the morning to a winter wonderland of a frozen icicle-scape because you forgot to turn off the irrigation.
  • 24 Sep
    Fall has arrived quickly for northern gardeners. One minute and the temperatures were soaring above 80 degrees, and the next, they’re plunging into the 50s and 60s at night.
  • 17 Sep
    After Labor Day, our gardening and lawn care focus immediately turns to fall. After what has been a dry season for many, we're finally seeing some rain from tropical storms.
  • 10 Sep
    The fall is one of the best times to repair the lawn from summer damage and to encourage thicker growth of cool-season grasses. In cooler, northern climates, overseeding is a lawn care technique used more for repair. In warmer, southern climates, overseeding is a matter of aesthetics.  In warm regions, the turfgrass will go dormant and turn brown for the winter. Overseeding with a cool-season grass will ensure a lush, green lawn all winter.
  • 09 May
    Moss is a fact of life if you have certain growing conditions in your lawn or garden. Moss usually thrives in poor, highly acidic soil. You can love moss or hate it, but it's easiest for you and your lawn and garden if you learn to live with it.
  • 25 Apr
    I'm officially converted to the power of pre-emergent. You can go organic or synthetic, but if you have a major weed problem, pre-emergent herbicide is the way to go.
  • 04 Apr
    If you want a beautiful lawn, you need to start with the right tools. A dull mower blade will rip the grass and lend the lawn a messy sheen. An improperly calibrated spreader will put too much or to little weed killer on the lawn, resulting in a weedy lawn or burnt grass.
  • 28 Mar
    There's a lot of talk right now about lawn replacement. People all over the country are tearing out their lawns-at least part of them-and putting in groundcover gardens, perennial gardens, mulch, rocks, and hardscape. All of this to save time, money, water, and chemicals that are generally needed for lawn care. Ambiance
  • 07 Mar
    I've mentioned before that I'm less concerned about lawn weeds than some people. I also firmly believe that the right lawn care will save you a lot of problems with weeds. However, there are some weeds that need to be stopped, and stopped early, or you'll find yourself without grass and with an entire field of dandelions.
  • 15 Feb
    For me, my garden, lawn, and landscape is a reflection of who I am. My garden is my life, and my lawn is the frame to that picture. I don't usually do my own lawn care, though. I'd rather garden and let someone else mow. That doesn't mean I sit idly by, though
  • 25 Jan
    Blog Post - Leaf Me Alone
    Raise your hand if you're lazy about lawn care? Good, that makes two of us. "If it's green, mow it," tends to be my philosophy.
  • 04 Jan
    My immediate inclination when there's a problem of one kind or another is to take care of it quickly, sometimes without fully understanding the situation. Case in point from last summer: I had about 5 yards of compost left over from a 12 yard delivery. Instead of carefully prepping the new garden bed I decided to create, I just started shoveling soil and making a new garden space.
  • 20 Jan
    Given the various duties that a lawn care service provider can do, beyond just lawn maintenance, it is important to interview and select the lawn care professional that will be the best fit for you. 
  • 05 Oct
    A couple of weeks ago, I went to the 2009 Garden Writers Symposium in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was conveniently close to my Wilmington, NC home!
  • 13 Sep
  • 08 Sep
    The Truth about Organic Gardening by Jeff Gillman is a must-have for every homeowner serious about his or her lawn and garden.
  • 05 Aug
    We're entering the heat of summer, which means we should all be looking for drought tolerant perennials.  In North Carolina, it is already HOT and HUMID.  The humidity does not translate to rain, unfortunately.  That doesn't mean the end of a beautiful garden, though.
  • 05 Aug
    Some areas of the United States are naturally drought-prone, or have dry soils throughout much of the year.  Other areas experience drought conditions from time to time.  To keep your yard looking its best through wet and dry, plant  perennials that are well-adapted to dry shade in your shady landscape beds.
  • 03 Aug
    Summer's in full swing, and while some areas of the country are getting deluged with rain, others are scheduling lawn irrigation under water restrictions.  Just because there are limitations about how much and when you can water doesn't mean that you have to let your grass go completely.
  • 01 Aug
    During the heat of the summer, many homeowners dream of a lawn planted with drought-tolerant grass.  That doesn't have to be just a dream.  You can renovate your existing lawn, planting a drought-resistant variety, and care for your existing lawn in a manner that will make it more resistant to drought conditions.
  • 22 Jun
    A key component of lawn care is providing the lawn with the nutrients it needs to grow.  Each nutrient is involved in different plant processes.  Nutrients are loosely grouped into two categories:  Macronutrients and micronutrients. 
  • 08 Jun
    These insects are worker-bees that actually help you in the garden.  Make sure that you do everything possible to keep these insects around.
  • 26 May
    Lawn maintenance extends includes weed control in landscape beds.  Most common lawn weeds are equal opportunity attackers, when it comes to landscape beds.
  • 18 May
    Organic lawn care is a good start toward contributing positively toward the ecosystem in your yard.  Each year, billions of dollars are spent on chemicals and pesticides for lawn care-to keep the more than 30 million acres of turf blanketing the United States healthy.
  • 11 May
    There are some vegetables that you need to plant almost before you think you should plant anything.  If you wait too late to plant these vegetables, you will not get a full season of harvest from them.  Some will not even mature before it gets too hot.
  • 21 Apr
    Early March is a great time to think about scheduling your lawn aerating service for spring.  Over the previous summer, the lawn will have been subjected to a lot of traffic, causing compaction.  Soil compaction leads to a variety of other problems, if not alleviated, so it is best to alleviate compaction as early as possible in the year.
  • 13 Apr
    Learn how to sharpen your garden hand tools so that your gardening work is as easy as possible.  You are more likely to give good care to your plants if your tools are in the right shape for gardening.  You can sharpen gardening hand tools with a hand-held file, or with a grinder.
  • 06 Apr
    The best time for pruning roses is in the winter when they are dormant.  Roses are shrubs that benefit from a hard pruning or renewal pruning.  The pruning causes the plants to sprout new, healthy growth. 
  • 01 Apr
    Spring lawn maintenance makes a big difference in the health of your lawn during the summer.  Follow these spring lawn care tips to have a healthy, green lawn throughout the entire growing season.

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