Getting The Most out of a Lawn Care Provider

For me, my garden, lawn, and landscape is a reflection of who I am. My garden is my life, and my lawn is the frame to that picture. I don't usually do my own lawn care, though. I'd rather garden and let someone else mow. That doesn't mean I sit idly by, though. Quite the contrary (and I'm sure that Sam is happy when I'm not home so I don't bug him). Here are some of the things I have discussed with my lawn service professionals to make sure that we are both happy with the state of my lawn.

No Blowing the Flower Beds

Bless their hearts (that's what we say in The South), my lawn guys love to leave the yard neat and orderly-down to the last speck of a stick in the yard. One area that's off-limits though, is my gigantic front garden. It takes up fully half of the yard, so I understand the compulsion to blow all of the debris out of it. I do, however, like to let my plants go to seed. I planted a bunch of bulbs this year, and I have a lot of delicate and fragile plants. If they blow the bed, they shred these fragile plants, blow away the mulch, and tromp on the bulbs.

Edging Only Once Every Other Month

Do you notice "landscape bed creep?" Where suddenly the lirope you planted as a border is, in fact, six inches into the bed? In an attempt to keep a nice, neat edge, some lawn care companies will just re-cut the edge a half inch or so out each time they come. After a couple of years, you have a whole lot more landscape to fill.

Leave the Leaves for Me

There's one thing that I always do when the landscaper comes to help: I show him where the compost pile is. If I don't talk to him, he'll take all of the grass clippings, leaves, and other wonderful compost material with him. If I do talk to him, he'll leave everything for me to mix up into wonderful, crumbly compost. Whenever possible, ask your lawn care professional to leave the good stuff for you.

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