Fall is Right Around the Corner - Tips for Autumn Lawn Care

Whether you're new to lawn care or simply wondering how to improve the health and appearance of your yard throughout the year, learning about fall lawn care considerations is a must. Caring for your lawn when the weather turns cooler and fall begins requires careful planning.

Depending on the weather in your region, you may not be able to directly access the plants in your lawn when snow or ice starts to fall. Making sure that your lawn will continue to stay healthy during the winter months requires maintenance in the fall.

Start with a Fall Lawn Care Schedule

Fertilizing your yard during the fall can provide grass with a source of nutrients that may not be readily available naturally during these months. Fall fertilizer is one of the most reliable methods of starting off the spring with a green, luscious lawn that does not require a high amount of preparation.

Don't Forget About Weeds

You may think that weeds cannot grow during the fall and winter, but these nuisances are still able to take root at any time of the year. Fall lawn care tips proponents always recommend that you cover your lawn with an effective weed killer for the types of weeds that are common in your area.

It may seem easier to allow leaves to stay on your lawn as they fall, but anything covering grass over the fall and winter prevents a lawn from accessing the sunlight that it needs to thrive. Take the time to thoroughly rake and remove leaves once the trees are bare, and remember to mow your lawn one last time after leaves have been removed.

Recycling leaves for mulch is a great way to use some of the yard waste that has been raked up. However, keep mulch to a minimum to reap the benefits without contributing to the problems that neglecting fallen leaves can cause.

Bring Lawn Furniture Inside

Furniture, outdoor toys and other accessories that are kept on your lawn when your family spends time outdoors should not be left there during cooler weather. Not only can furniture and other items become damaged by cold, wind and sun, but the grass that is covered by furniture can be killed or made susceptible to mold. Unsightly dead spots throughout your lawn will require extra time and effort once the weather warms up again.

Putting off lawn care in the fall may be tempting, but remember that the maintenance that you perform as the weather cools down can help ensure that your lawn will be healthy and beautiful when warm weather returns.

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