Dealing With Common Weeds & Pests

Lawns provide a relaxing backdrop for family activities and other social gatherings. These green spaces require regular care and maintenance, especially during the growing season. Practicing weed control is necessary to keep your lawns looking healthy and green. While harmful insects devour roots and their blades, weeds compete with your grass for vital nutrients and water. If your lawn is unhealthy, an infestation can occur overnight and cause serious damage within days.

Weed Control: The Essentials

Proper mowing techniques, texture, pH balance and nutrients can help your lawn ward off these uninvited guests. A regular mowing schedule and having a weed man on hand reduces the occurrence of weeds. The proper height will depend upon the type of grass species in your yard. Amending the topsoil can improve the texture, which enables the roots to receive air and nutrients. Generally, you should replenish potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus every year. Healthy soil provides the best medium for producing a lush green lawn.

There are various types of grass weeds, but the standard process for eradicating these noxious plants is similar. Lawns usually need 1 inch of water once or twice a week. Too much or too little moisture increases the risk that weeds will gain a stronghold. If you weed your lawn by hand, try to remove as much of the root as possible. Any roots that remain will enable the unwanted plants to grow back. Herbicides are an efficient way to eradicate weeds. When using a chemical, you must use a product designed for your grass species and for the type of weeds infesting your lawn. Check the product instructions regarding application techniques and recommended protective gear, such as gloves and goggles.

Insect pests can diminish the health and appearance of your lawn. While some pests eat vegetation, others tunnel into the soil, which exposes and dries the roots. Patches of brown grass usually indicate the presence of insects or other lawn pests. Warm temperatures, deep thatch and debris create the perfect conditions for harmful insects. After you identify which insects are damaging your turf, select the best weed control hat is recommended for use on the grass in your yard. Using the improper pest control agent can harm your grass.

To develop an effective lawn care plan, you need to know which types of weeds and pests are present in your lawn. It can be a challenge to select and apply the correct fertilizer, herbicide and insecticides. As a result, it is beneficial to consult a professional lawn care service. These experts are familiar with the weeds and pests that are prevalent in your area. They have the expertise and equipment to eradicate insects and weeds while maintaining the health of your lawn.

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