How to Choose a Lawn Care Company

With the weather warming up and the grass starting to grow, your thoughts have probably turned to lawn care. Specifically, you’re thinking about how to hire a lawn care company that will take good care of your lawn while being respectful of your pets, your children, and your flower beds.

How often do you mow?

  • Are you on a schedule, or do you pay attention to the rate of grass growth and adjust accordingly?
  • Are your pesticide and chemical applicators licensed?
  • If they are not licensed, are they closely supervised by a licensed pesticide applicator?
  • Do you place signage in the yard when you apply chemicals?
  • Do you have any natural lawn care options?
  • In addition to mowing, do you edge, trim, or “finish” the garden beds?
  • Do you offer any additional services, such as weed control, flower plantings, or shrub pruning?

The right answers to these questions will vary depending on your individual needs but they will get you on the right path to choosing a company that’s right for you.

Tips for getting the most out of a lawn care company

  • Make sure that the lawn care professionals can give you the best service by preparing for their visit.
  • Pick up pet waste from the lawn.
  • Coil and store hoses and any lawn care tools.
  • Return lawn furniture to its proper place (push chairs under tables, replace fireplace covers, etc.)
  • Make sure that pets are inside or in their pet run areas so that they stay safe while the lawn care professionals are at your house.

Lastly, always follow re-entry signage guidelines and do not walk on or water the lawn until you’re supposed to after a particular chemical treatment.

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